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KnowBe4 has a variety of helpful tips and tricks to utilize and share with your employees! See the below links to learn more about what KnowBe4 has to say right now!

You can learn more about our Security Hints and Tips with instructions regarding how to configure this here:

Do your employees have bored kids at home? Keep them busy with our Security Awareness Activity Kit: 

We have created C-19 phishing templates you can test your employee’s skills with (These are effective to screenshot and share over your intranet to help spread awareness):

Here are our recent blog posts surrounding COVID-19 scams and what we’re seeing out in the wild (You can subscribe to this).

Here are short training modules to help your users work safely from home:

We also have a free Home Internet Security Course available for employees and their family members. You don’t even need to set it up! They will be able to access it just by the link and password included. To get started using the Home course, click on the link below:
Enter the password “homecourse” (without quotes), then click Submit.